Support Programs

Joint Programs with SMBA

Operation of Global Ventures Platform

Operating a customized business matching platform for Korean startups
and overseas agencies/companies

Extensive Support Programs to Strengthen Global Competitiveness

Selecting an outstanding company to enter the global market and providing extensive education
to nurture the company; providing programs to strengthen the company's
global competitiveness such as mentoring, workshops and promotional tool production

Hosting of Global Venture Week

Hosting Global Venture Week wherein the global investors and buyers are invited
(twice overseas and once in Korea) Producing achievements
for participants such as successfully attracting investments and increasing order volume
Independent Programs
Global Accelerator
KIGA Labs is driven mainly by private investment and provides support for technology startups; it serves as an overseas accelerator. It provides technical support, information about local markets, guidelines for strategic partnerships and for running a business. Is and/or will be operating based in Toronto, Canada; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Frankfurt, Germany; Paris, France; London, England; Beijing, China; and Tokyo, Japan
Phased Support for Globalization
  • Support to
    successfully settle
    in the overseas market
  • Consulting service
  • Business & product development support
  • Support to attract investment
  • Globalization
Phased Support for Globalization
Globaltalk365 is a service that acts as an overseas sales contact office by looking for and managing potential buyers overseas; and checking the response of the market for each country.
  • Features
  • Benefits
  • The first marketing service for B2B export and sales for Korean companies
  • Understanding of the sales history and relationship building by assigning a specific team or a person to a particular company
  • Led by a company with a long-standing expertise in technical sales and marketing in the overseas market, Newlede
  • Expertise
  • Documentation
    & Continuation
  • Cost
  • Targeting
    the global market
  • Abundant B2B sales experience overseas
  • All activities are documented and reported so that the responsibilities can be carried over regardless of any changes in the person in charge
  • 50% of the cost incurred when hiring a domestic expert No separate commissions for any reduction in cost or for any sales
  • Can engage in global marketing targeted at 22 countries around the world
Global Internship
The program targets university students who wish to strengthen their global competitiveness and capacity as global talents. Each INKE Chapter provides Global Internship Program.